Cool Planet Biofuels Engages OWS for Biochar Product Development

We are excited to announce that the OWS team has been engaged by Cool Planet to begin market research and early-stage product development for their premium biochar.

Cool Planet has developed a patented process that converts non-food biomass into gasoline through mechanical and chemical processes. The process, known as the carbon negative fuel cycle, creates drop-in gasoline that can be used in any vehicle on the road today.

A valuable material byproduct of Cool Planet's process is a solid, inert carbon, known as biochar. Biochar has many potential uses; from soil conditioning, to filtering, to silage, to remediation and beyond. Sequestering biochar has many benefits for soil and agriculture and permanently removes carbon from the atmosphere, which makes the Cool Planet process carbon negative.

OWS is currently assisting Cool Planet in researching the many product applications of biochar, in researching the current biochar market, and in early-stage biochar product development.

Learn more at Coolplanet.com

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